Esposizione temporanea #3 – Monotreme Records

Per il ciclo Esposizione Temporanea, siamo andati a sbirciare questa volta cosa ci propone il catalogo della Monotreme Records ed abbiamo allestito la mostra che segue…

For the Limited Residence cycle, we took a peek this time at what the Monotreme Records had and we put up this gallery…

The Low Lows – ‘Fire On The Bright Sky’
Ascolta : Dear Flies, Love Spider
Aaron Stout – ‘Queens Live In Caskets’
Ascolta: The Coronation
Cerberus Shoal – ‘The Land We All Believe In’
Ascolta: Pie For The President
Lower Forty-Eight – ‘Apertures’
Ascolta: Mass Denial, Massive Guilt
Barzin – ‘My Life In Rooms
Ascolta: Let’s Go Driving
Thee More Shallows – ‘Monkey vs. Shark’
Ascolta: I Can’t Get Next To You
Ral Partha Vogelbacher -‘Shrill Falcons’
Ascolta: Birthday In Beijing
65daysofstatic – ‘One Time For All Time’
Ascolta: i swallowed hard, like i understood
e Radio Protector